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Learn To Paint Seascapes and Landscapes With The Master

If you are looking for art instruction courses so you can learn to paint easily at home, these painting lessons have already been proven to work around the world. Take just a single painting lesson for oil paint or take all of the painting courses. Learn to paint with both oils and watercolors.

Let E. John take you by the hand as he has countless others who are now successful artists. E. John Robinson was world renowned for his oil and watercolor paintings and easy to follow painting lessons.

If you thought it was impossible to learn to paint oil and watercolor seascapes because the ocean just keeps moving, then you will be delighted to see that the guiding hand of E. John makes it easy to learn the techniques for painting all phases of the sea. Now, the Master of Seascapes shares his love of the sea and his seascape painting instructions with you on VHS, DVD and in his books! With E. John's oil painting or watercolor painting lessons on video and art instruction books. Learn to paint seascapes with ease, step-by-step, from a color sketch to a completed oil painting with his easy to follow art lessons.

E. John Robinson was America's most renowned seascape artist, who specialized in painting the sea for over 40 years. He was also world renowned for his landscapes in both oil and watercolor.

E.John was an advisor to the Society of Artists and a regular contributor to art magazines.

If you are looking for a cost effective art course, looking for art and painting lessons in oil and watercolor that are also easy to follow, then E. John is your man! If you want your art instruction to come from a Master, E. John is your man! E. John's video and book painting lessons will let you create seascapes and landscapes in oil or watercolors that come alive.

What an Artist says about E John Robinson's Master Teaching Techniques

"Paint the Sea in Oils Using Special Effects" is no longer available from E John. He decided not to republish in order to save the forest... but reproduced the entire contents onto a DVD which offers enhanced features such as brighter colors and picture and copy enlargement.


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