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Workshop Series - "Sunset in Oils" - DVD on Sale

Workshop Series - "Sunset in Oils" - DVD on Sale

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A New Workshop Series Filmed in Mendocino, CA

We are pleased to announce the release of a new series of E. John Robinson DVD seascape lessons. Although E. John formally retired from the workshop scene, requests for another workshop kept pouring in. In a rare stroke of luck for his students, he recently taught a four-day workshop in Mendocino, California. The workshops, produced by International Artist Magazine, were professionally videotaped for release to seascape artists and enthusiasts worldwide. The lessons provide insights into E. John's style and approach to creating a seascape painting from start to finish. Additionally, they include practical advice for artists of all levels, with a detailed focus on understanding ocean waves and how to stylistically and visually represent them.

All lessons have been re-mastered in hi-end digital DVD format in order to retain all of its original brilliance.

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