Workshop Series in Oil - Waves, Rocks, and Surf (DVD)

Workshop Series in Oil - Waves, Rocks, and Surf (DVD)

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Learn how to paint waves, rocks, and surf with E. John Robinson's workshop series: "Waves, Rocks, and Surf" DVD. In full color and about an hour long, it's a complete lesson from start to finished painting. It starts with E. John discussing the video lesson—from sketching to final brush stroke. 

A finished picture of the lesson is available for you to download at the end of each DVD or, if you prefer, we can mail you a color 5×7 picture for a fee of $9.95 per picture.

Workshop Series Filmed in Mendocino, California

Filmed over a four-day workshop in Mendocino, California, and produced by International Artist Magazine, this workshop series of lessons provides insights into E. John's style and approach to creating a seascape painting from start to finish.

The workshop series also includes practical advice for artists of all levels, with a detailed focus on understanding ocean waves and how to stylistically and visually represent them.

Lessons have been remastered in high-end digital DVD format in order to retain all of the imagery's original brilliance.

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