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Surf Watching - A Study of Ocean Waves - In Full Color - 30% Off!

Surf Watching - A Study of Ocean Waves - In Full Color - 30% Off!

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"Surf Watching for Seascape Artists"
45 minutes in FULL COLOR
Video produced & narrated by E. John Robinson


  • Part 1 - Basic Waves
  • Part 2 - Foam & Foam Patterns
  • Part 3 - Rocks & Water Spills
  • Part 4 - Beaches, Headlands & Driftwood
  • Part 5 - Sky & Clouds

A Study of Ocean Waves in FULL COLOR.
This is not a seascape painting lesson, but an essential study for all Seascape Artists, whether you live by the sea or inland. Stand on the shore with E. John as he explains how ocean waves are formed. Then using slow motion and stop-action video, observe while E. John narrates and describes in detail, how waves and foam break and spill upon the shore and rocks.

Descriptive narrative by E John Robinson of “Surf Watching” DVD:
“…we’re going to show you these seas, we’re going to show you waves both small and large, storm waves, foam patterns, rocks and their spills, sand, beaches, driftwood and skies. We are going to put them all together because they are component parts to any seascape. You know, the ocean won’t stand still for us and unfortunately it moves much too quickly to study very well but electronically on this DVD, you will find that we have slowed it down for you , we’ve even stopped it here and there, with your DVD, you should be able to do the same, the idea here, is we’re not going to find exact and perfect seascapes, ready to paint , we’re going to find component parts. You’ll search and you’ll study and you’ll stop places and make sketches of them , think about them and then put them together in a painting. The whole idea now is that this is a learning DVD. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Note: Please note that the occasional freeze-frame and slow-motion are part of the DVD learning process of wave studying.

Beginners or Advanced. All mediums.

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