Image: "Workshop Series - Sunset in Oil" (digital version) by E. John Robinson

Workshop Series - Sunset in Oil (Digital)

  • $ 19.95

Learn how to paint sunsets with E. John Robinson's workshop series: "Sunset in Oil" (digital version). In full color and about an hour long, it's a complete lesson from start to finished painting. It starts with E. John discussing the lesson—from sketching to final brush stroke.

Workshop Series Filmed in Mendocino, California

Filmed over four days in Mendocino, California, and produced by International Artist Magazine, this workshop series of lessons provides insights into E. John's style and approach to creating a seascape painting from start to finish.

The workshop series also includes practical advice for artists of all levels, with a detailed focus on understanding sunsets and how to stylistically and visually represent them.

Lessons have been remastered in high-end digital format in order to retain all of the imagery's original brilliance.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Master artist and teacher E. John Robinson's passion for painting and more than 40 years of experience are obvious in his lessons. Many of his paintings, books, and how-to tips have been featured in top art magazines. E. John's art lessons are extremely popular, and both beginning oil painters and more advanced artists have benefitted from his teaching.

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