Painting All Aspects of Water for All Mediums (Book-on-CD)

Painting All Aspects of Water for All Mediums (Book-on-CD)

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Learn how to paint all aspects of water for all mediums with E. John Robinson's book-on-CD, "Painting All Aspects of Water for All Mediums." It contains 128 pages in full color, and is intended for both absolute beginners and advanced painters.

Water is one of the most popular painting subjects even though it's very complex and difficult to capture. E. John Robinson spent his long career painting water and, in this instructive guide, shares his knowledge in a manner that anyone can easily understand.

E. John explains the properties of water, transparent and translucent, the reflective qualities, the effects of sunlight and shadow, and, finally, the moods that water may convey. Then, with easy to follow step-by-step demonstrations, he teaches how to paint specific types of water: puddles, creeks, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and ponds, harbors, and surf. Students find unlimited possibilities by combining his understanding of the properties of water with specific kinds of water.

E. John Robinson had his instructional painting books reproduced on compact disc (CD). As a lover of nature, he decided to no longer deplete the forest in order to publish his books. Instead, he had his book, "Painting All Aspects of Water for All Mediums," reproduced in every detail - from cover to cover.

This book-on-CD has many advantages over the print version:

  • Colors appear much brighter and true to life in both completed painting lessons and painting swatch samples
  • Enlarge any text for easy viewing - so helpful for those among us who find it difficult to read small print in books
  • Immediately view any single page or double-page spread
  • Enlarge and view even the smallest detail of any lesson
  • Download the CD onto any desktop or laptop computer for instant access and mobility

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Master artist and teacher E. John Robinson's passion for painting and more than 40 years of experience are obvious in his lessons. Many of his paintings, books, and how-to tips have been featured in top art magazines. E. John's art lessons are extremely popular, and both beginning oil painters and more advanced artists have benefitted from his teaching.

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